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Circle of wellness

Better Health, Better Life

  • Self
  • Sense
  • Stability
  • Spirit

Premium discount

Up to 30% discount

  • Up to 10% off Initial premium discount
  • Extra 5% discount on the first year premium with buying product in conditions
  • Up to 30% off Renewal primium discount
  • Gain extra Health Bonus off your premiums every 3 years , depending on your Life Fit Status each year.


and more benefit

  • Celebrate your achievement with exclusive benefits.
  • The higher your Life Fit Status, the greater your rewards.
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Selected Life Fit policies, Finished Online Health Assessments to evaluate balancing of your self, sense, stability, and spirit

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Download ThaiLife Insurance Application & Register to access Life fit features

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Join challenge to get more privilege and gain knowledge from health tips

Get renewal premium discount

Join challenge to collect points for renewal premium discount & benefits depending on your Life Fit status each year.

Accumulate Life Fit Point

7 categories to accumulate points

Online Health Assessments
Submit health check-up certificates
Submit vaccination certificates
Submit physical examination results
Submit participation in activities information
Submit exercise activities
Submit healthy food receipt
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Health Tips by Life Fit

Healthy content personalizes for you

Because of Good health is a beginning of strength, peaceful mind, increasing productivity of work, and forward positive vibes to the community

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